Truckstops Recycling Division

Used Parts

The Truckstops Recycling Division (TRD) dismantles used or damaged trucks, saves the usable parts and disposes of scrap and dangerous parts responsibly. We also restore and reuse parts that are still in workable condition.

We stock a wide range of reconditioned steering, engine and drive-train parts from industry leaders such as Hino, Volvo and Mack. This helps us offer cost-efficient solutions to those customers who may not need a brand new part.

We have in our stock transmissions, steering gears, drive shafts, transfer cases, hydraulic cylinders, rear differentials, radiators and more.


Used parts that are reconditioned offer good cost savings. Many of the parts have a lot of life left in them and come at a fraction of the price of a brand new one.


We have rigorous policy for recycling of steel, fuel, plastics and tyres. In addition, reconditioned parts require less energy to build than new parts.


For your convenience the range of quality recycled and reconditioned parts are now available through your local Truckstops branch.

We have a wide range of used and reconditions parts

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