Pulling out all the stops for Ports of Auckland

October 1, 2021 12:00 am

When Hyster key customer, Ports of Auckland, needed a hand to support one of their trainee technicians to complete his apprenticeship, Hyster reached out to their friends at Truckstops.  The Mount Wellington branch pulled out all the stops to help.

Truckstops Branch Manager, Murray Wilkinson, invited Ports of Auckland apprentice, Faimata (Mata) Tupou, to spend a week with his team of 20 technicians.  This provided plenty of opportunities for Mata to work on the clutch driveline jobs that he needed to knock off the outstanding units on his ticket.  Guided and supervised by experienced technician, Malaka Rathnasekarage, the young man had a great week, got through the outstanding units, and finished his apprenticeship.

Ports of Auckland Maintenance Planner, Sherwin Menezes, followed up with Murray Wilkinson to thank the Truckstops team for the opportunity, saying “Mata is extremely happy and enjoyed his time at your workshop.”

A great example of transport businesses working together support the wider industry.  Well done to the Hyster and Truckstops teams.