M.I.Q. part of the M.O. for Truckstops Rotorua

September 1, 2021 12:00 am

The Truckstops network are doing the hard yards during the lockdown period, staying open to provide support to customers with Essential Service vehicles.  Truckstops Rotorua took this to the next level in August by stepping up to support a Volvo MIQ Bus.

The Johnston’s bus transfers MIQ people from Auckland to the Ibis Hotel in Rotorua.  When Foreman Chris Turner took the call, he promptly approached 3 members of his team to help – who were all willing.

Chris contacted Cam, the Johnston’s dispatcher, to gain an understanding of what the situation was and the process that needed to be followed by both parties.

“We talked through the travel plan of the bus and what is required on arrival.  Cam explained their cleaning procedures and the drivers’ decontamination processes once the passengers have been offloaded.”

During Level 4, Truckstops Rotorua operated two split shifts, 6am to 12pm and 1pm to 7pm.  Chris organised a toolbox meeting at the beginning of the 1pm shift to ensure everyone understood the risks and to discuss the best approach to support the customer while keeping everyone safe.

Prior to commencing work, a Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) was carried out where the risk was deemed Low given the extensive precautions taken.

“I was confident the team were well-informed and ready to go when the bus arrived at 3:15pm,” commented Chris.

Hamish Schnuriger (Diesel Tech) and Jessica Milner-Hicks (Apprentice Diesel Tech) entered the vehicle, staying within one dedicated area to carry out the diagnosis.  The team wore the agreed protective gear and cleaned on the way in and out of the vehicle.

“MIQ buses are set up so passengers enter at the back to keep separation from the driver.  The team stayed out of the passenger area and kept a minimum of 2m distance from the driver at all times.”

The team were able to diagnose a clutch issue and ensure the driver was safe to drive the bus to a Johnston workshop – once a blown left headlamp was replaced.

“The takeaway I think is ensuring there is robust communication with the customer, our workshops, techs, and the parts team before starting work on these vehicles.  I was really proud of how the team accepted the challenge – they did so with their eyes open, which was excellent.”

Chris took the time to review the experience and provide valuable feedback to the Group’s Health and Safety team to consider process improvements moving forward.