A Lockdown Kids’ Treat – Daffodil Day & Truckstops

August 1, 2021 12:04 am


Truckstops is getting behind the Cancer Society of New Zealand’s national Daffodil Day appeal, giving away some great prizes and raising awareness of its importance.  With Alert Level 4’s lockdown in full force, we gave the kids something fun to do while supporting a great cause.  Let’s conquer this season together!

Setting down the kids with crayons, pencils, markers, and in one case, a digital colourspace, meant you got some peace and quiet and they got the opportunity to win!  The reward – some beloved Mack merchandise for the top contenders, including a t-shirt, cap, and drink bottle.

A whopping 44 entries later and the Truckstops team had a large deliberation ahead of them… so they decided to DOUBLE THE WINNERS!  Contestants split into age groups: 2-6yrs and 7+yrs.


We are proud to present our winners!


  • 1stDaria Ray (6)
  • 2ndMaddy de la Harpe (4)
  • 3rdScarlett Bell (4)
  • Honourable Mention: Isabella Andreassen (6)


  • 1stMiss Chung (10)
  • 2ndLilija Petrova (8)
  • 3rdJack Wall (9)
  • Honourable Mention 1: Charlotte McDiarmid (11)
  • Honourable Mention 2: Ash Cheung (8)


A massive thank you to everyone who submitted their child’s Daffodil Day colouring – we had many outstanding entries!  Your support is so encouraging, and just when The Cancer Society of New Zealand needs it most.

Truckstops is happy to get behind the Cancer Society to support all those affected by and living with cancer in NZ.  For over 30 years, New Zealanders have supported the work of the Cancer Society on Daffodil Day.  This special day symbolises hope for all New Zealanders impacted by cancer.

You can find more information and donation details HERE.