1984 Macks come home to rest

May 1, 2020 12:00 am


The BOC Gas unit (Rego LN2705 build number was 870) was built and lived in Auckland and before ending up in the Truckstops system this unit was owned by some of our valued customers: Clive Taylor and Andrew Drinnan.

Truckstops purchased this unit back in October 2006 and was then based in Nelson before it was purchased under tender by Grant Moody (Parts Manager, Palmerston North). Grant is now in the process of having a repaint where he has stripped it down himself.

The Shell Fuel unit (Rego LW4470 build number 758) was sold to an Owner Driver based in Auckland and with a bit of tracking it did spend some time back in Palmerston North with a company called Bitumix (owned by Shell). Records on the unit are slightly scarce but Truckstops purchased her in 1999.

This second unit was purchased by Zane Ryan (Regional Manager Central) who has had his eye on this unit for 4 years, and will also be slowly restored. Zane’s unit is parked up at his home at Himatangi Beach population of 530, but funny story his neighbour used to drive this actual truck for Bitumix here in P/North (small world right).